Waka Waka – Diamond Platinumz Ft Rick Ross {Lyrics}


Maybach Music
The black bottle boys

[Hook : Diamond Platnumz]
Fuck you like nobody

[Verse 1 – Diamond
Sucking your all body
Rocking everyday party
Clean bitch playing dirty Platnumz]
Before the light cuddle
Light up the place
And then we pop bottles
Belaire Champagnes
Cause love is the thing that I have in my heart
And is there for you
African queen that I need and I want everyday its only you

[Bridge : Diamond Platnumz]
Leo Beki Kadaka kona
Mwendo wa kreti Kwa nyama choma
Bao kila mechi, Ka Maradona
And we sing alone

[Chorus : Diamond Platnumz]
Uuuuuh lalala, Uuuuuh lalala
Uuuuuh lalala, Yes we sing alone
Uuuuh lalala, Uuuuh lalala
And we go like
Waka waka, Waka waka
Waka waka, Waka waka
Waka waka, Waka waka
Waka waka, Waka waka

[Verse 2 – Rick Ross]
Waka waka waka
Maybach Music
Yo Boys we jadded
Now we Running with the young kings
Biggest boss everywhere we go
We run the streets’
Never gossiping I’m only with the big talk
Black bottles so you know it’s time for live off
Big money so you know I’m living by the core
Born winners so you know your boy ‘n ever fall
Belaire here, Belaire there
We gotta have Belaire everywhere
Bottles on ice balling all night
Black Ferrari boss stepping out in all white
No it’s not a secret meet me at the top
Black bottle boys we never stop (Maybach Music)

[Chorus : Diamond Platnumz]
Uuuuuh lalala, Uuuuuh lalala
Uuuuuh lalala, Yes we sing alone
Uuuuh lalala, Uuuuh lalala
Uuuuh lalala
And we go like
Waka waka, Waka waka
Waka waka, Waka waka
Waka waka, Waka waka
Waka waka, Waka waka

[Verse 3 – Diamond Platnumz]
When you hold me now
I loose my mind (I loose my mind my mind)
And I cannot control
I want it all night
Oh baby you should let me love you
Na tena let me be the one to

[Hook : DIamond Platnumz]
Fucking you like nobody
Sucking your all body (your body)
Putting everyday party
Clean bitch playing dirty
Then we sing alone

[Chorus : Diamond Platnumz]
Uuuuuh lalala, Uuuh laa Uuuuuh
Uuuuuh lalala, then we sing alone
Uuuuh lalala, Uuuuh lalala
Uuuuh lalala
And we go like
Waka waka, Waka waka
Waka waka, Waka waka
Waka waka, Waka waka
Waka waka, Waka waka

[Outro : Diamond Platnumz]
Ooh baby you should let me love you
Na tena let me be the, let me….
(Iyoo Lizer)
I go give you cars
I’ll gift you flowers
When I put that ring on it
You will pop champagne we take shower
Until 6 in the morning
I go give you cars
I’ll gift you flowers
When I put that ring on it
You will pop champagne we take shower ( The Black Bottle Boys)
Until 6 in the morning


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